Sunday, March 4, 2018

Gellan Gum a good choice of Stabilizing agent

Stabilizing agents are used for many functions in foods and the main function is to act as a thickening agent to gel the foods into the required consistency. most stabilizing and thickening agents are polysaccharides ,examples of which are starches, gums, or proteins like gelatin,or gellan gum.Stabilizing agents like starch and gellan gum are often used in salad dressings, frozen desserts, confections, snack foods, beverages, cereal products, pudding mixes, jams and jellies.

Stabilizer can be used as an additive in a product to maintain emulsion, preventing the product from separating.,also an ingredient, such as Gellan Gum, been used in beverage drinks to prevent some desserts from separating.

Gellan gum can enhance the hardness, elasticity and viscosity of flour products such as noodles, improve the flavor taste, inhibit hot-water swelling, decrease the fragmentation of noodles and reduce turbidity of soup. as a stabilizing agent, gellan gum is used in ice cream to improve shape maintenance. In cakes and cheese cakes for moisture retention, freshness preservation and shape-preserving effects. In candy, gellan gum is used to provide the products with good structure and texture, and to reduce the set time of starch soft candy gel. It can also be used in the production of jam and jelly in place of pectin, as well as in stuffing of pastry and fruit pie.