Tuesday, March 13, 2018

CINOGEL Gellan Gum:Hydrocolloid Formula-Agar Tobiko (cold oil technique)

Agar Tobiko (cold oil technique)

Agar mixture
· 1.5 g agar (1.5%)
· 50 g water
· 100 g reduced vinegar + simple syrup

Setting bath
· 1 g mono-/diglycerides ("glycerin flakes", 2% of oil)
· 50 g lemon oil

Setting bath: Add glycerin flakes to lemon oil and heat in a medium-size bowl to above 60°C
to dissolve, stirring occasionally.

Agar mixture: Stir agar into cold water to disperse. Bring mixture to a boil while stirring
and continue boiling until agar is dissolved. Stir boiling, sweetened vinegar mixture into boiling
agar mixture. Bring combined mixture back to a boil.

Making beads: Whisk mono & diglyceride oil mixture rapidly while drizzling in vinegar
mixture to emulsify. Allow mixture to cool in bowl under observation, occasionally tilting
bowl side-to-side to check size of agar beads.If beads are too big, whisk more. However,
over-whisking will create beads that are too fine. When agar beads reach the desired
tobiko size, quickly poor out mixture into a hotel pan over ice in a thin layer to set agar as
quickly as possible. When agar beads are set, place tobiko mixture in a fine chinois and rinse
quickly under hot water. Gently drain and dry with paper towels.  

Supported by: CINOGEL BIOTECH,gellan gum factory,available at: cinogel.com