Thursday, March 8, 2018

CINOGEL Gellan Gum Applications/Usages: Jelly sweets

Jelly sweets

· 159 g sucrose
· 159 g glucose syrup (42DE)
· 120 g water
· 5 g citric acid anhydrous
· 5 g tri sodium citrate dihydrate
· 3.75 g low acyl gellan gum (0.83%)
· 0.2 g calcium hydrogen orthophosphate
· flavor and color as required

Blend gellan gum and calcium hydrogen orthophosphate with 1 g of tri sodium citrate
dihydrate and 40 g of sucrose and disperse in the water. Heat to boiling to hydrate the gellan
gum then add the remainder of the sugar while continuing to boil. Add pre-warmed glucose
syrup while maintaining the temperature above 90 ºC. Cook the liquor to 80–82% total solids
then cool to 90 ºC. Dissolve the citric acid and remainder of the tri sodium citrate dihydrate,
color and flavor in 20 g of water and stir into the liquor. Deposit at 76–78% total solids into
starch molds. Stove to final solids as required.

Keywords:Gellan Gum, low acyl,high acyl,LA,HA,E418
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