Friday, March 2, 2018

CINOGEL Gellan Gum:Hydrocolloid Formula-Hot vegetable mousse(agar)

Hot vegetable mousse 

· 2.5 g agar (0.33 %)
· 500 g water
· 50 g dairy cream (thick)
· 200 g vegetable puree (mashed and thinned)
· pepper
· (xanthan)

Prepare the vegetables (try French sweet peas), blend with cream and water and strain.
Bring to boil and add agar. Stir well for a few minutes (can use blender). Add flavoring
(pepper, etc.). Leave to set for a few hours. When cold, put into blender and blitz the gel
into a mashed runny puree. Pour into 1 L heat resistant whipper. If not runny, add a little
water and if too runny add a small pinch of xanthan. Blend again a few minutes
Follow recommendations of dispenser supplier and charge with nitrous oxide. Heat whipper in
saucepan of water till warm (~70 °C). Layer hot vegetable puree on a soup or a very hot plate 

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