Friday, March 2, 2018

CINOGEL Gellan Gum:Hydrocolloid Formula-Fruity flan dessert(agar)

Fruity flan dessert 

· 3.0 g agar (0.38 %)
· 750 g whole milk
· 50 g dairy cream
· 4.4 g vanilla extract
· 30 g sugar

pieces of fruit, raisins or gelled dulce Blend agar, milk and cream and heat to boiling
point. Maintain boil for a few minutes. Strain and pour into small pots or ramekins. To flavor,
add flavors and aromas at boiling point and stir in. Pour onto pieces of fruit or gelled dulce.
You might also try adding some sodium alginate pearls or raisins.
If you mix the gel in a blender and then expand in a whipper or use a whisk you can produce
a light heat stable mousse 

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