Thursday, March 15, 2018

CINOGEL Gellan Gum:Hydrocolloid Formula-Battered baby squids with agar noodles

Battered baby squids with agar noodles 

· 300 g white wine vinegar
· 200 g concentrated fish stock
· 100 g soy sauce
· 30 g squid ink
· 7 g agar (1.1%)

Garlic oil:
· 3 cloves garlic
· 250 g extra virgin olive oil

Battered baby squids:
· tempura
· 500 g baby squids
· sunflower oil

Noodles: Bring vinegar, fish stock, soy sauce and squid ink to boil. Add agar and leave
boiling for 2 minutes. Cool mixture in a mold in the fridge. When cold, cut the mixture to flat
noodles with a very sharp knife or with a special device for making noodles. You can
also fill a suitably sized pvc tube using a syringe.

Garlic oil: Slice cloves and fry with the olive oil in a pan until Iight brown color.

Squid: From the baby squid only the tentacles will be used. Clean and salt the tentacles
before dipping them in tempura and fry with generous hot oil. Strain.

Serve on spoons, the noodles at the bottom, dress with garlic oil and the baby squid on the top.

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