Sunday, March 4, 2018

CINOGEL Gellan Gum Applications/Usages: Hot tea fluid gel

Hot tea fluid gel 

Tea infusion
· 900 g low calcium water
· 20 g Earl Gray tea leaves

Part 1
· 860 g tea infusion
· 80 g caster sugar
· 0.6 g low acyl gellan gum(0.063%)
· 0.6 g sodium citrate (0.063%)

Part 2
· 0.25 g calcium chloride (0.026%)
· 1 g malic acid (0.11%)
· 5 g tea infusion

Let tea leaves infuse for 1 hour in ice-cold water. For part 1, dry blend sugar, gellan and
sodium citrate. Transfer tea infusion to saucepan, whisk sugar mix into water and
bring to a simmer to dissolve ingredients.Meanwhile mix ingredients for part 2 and set
aside. Once part 1 has come to a simmer,whisk in part 2 to set the gel. Pour into a clean
container, cool on an ice bath. Refridgerate for24 hours, pass through a fine sieve to break
up the gel (creating the fluid gel) and serve.

Note: Heston Blumenthal serves this together with a cold tea fluid gel in the same cup. The
increased viscosity prevents mixing of the cold and warm side.  

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