Monday, March 5, 2018

CINOGEL Gellan Gum Applications/Usages: Fruit juice jelly

Fruit juice jelly 

· 250 g water
· 250 g fruit juice
· 90 g sugar
· 2.4 g citric acid, anhydrous
· 1.8 g tri sodium citrate dihydrate
· 0.9 g low acyl gellan gum (0.15%)

Pre-blend all the dry ingredients. Heat the water to boiling and dissolve the dry
ingredients in the hot water. Add the fruit juice,mix and chill. The gel sets at approximately
40–45 ºC and the use of chilled fruit juice with dry-mix desserts ensures a rapid set.

Keywords:Gellan Gum, low acyl,high acyl,LA,HA,E418
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