Wednesday, February 28, 2018

High acyl gellan gum suspension in acid fruit drinks

high acyl gellan gum suspension in opaque drink)
gellan gum HA 0.03%-0.04%
potassium sorbate 0.03%
sugar 4.0%
concentrated juice 1.0%
NaCl 0.03%
Mix high acyl gellan gum and sugar, adding in deionized water, stirring in the accession to
the 20%NaCl, 20% 600uL of potassium sorbate, heating and boiling then maintained
3-5min, cooled to about 60C, adding concentrated juice, then adjust pH value with citric
acid to 4.0-4.2, hot filling(pre cooked processed orange fruit grain or 5mm * 5mm * 5mm
coconut fruit are in the bottle), observe the suspended situation after cooling,The floating
effect can be effectd by fruit type, gellan gum dosage, solution temperature, cooling and
storage time. etc.

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