Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Does Gellan Gum have an adverse effect on human health?

There are no known harmful effects on human health after exposure to gellan gum. However, it may have a laxative effect at high intakes (JECFA, 1990). JECFA (1990) summarized one clinical trial in which five males and five females consumed 175 mg/kg/day of gellan gum for 7 days after a 7-day control period. Participants were then exposed to 200 mg/kg/day of gellan gum for an additional 16 days. There were no adverse dietary or physiological effects in any of the volunteers. Additionally, there were no allergenic or other subjective untoward manifestations reported by or observed in any of the human subjects. It was noted, however, that gellan gum acted as a fecal bulking agent, increased fecal bile acid, decreased fecal neutral sterols, and decreased serum cholesterol (JECFA, 1990)

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