Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Application of Gellan Gum

Gellan gum is now widely used as subsitute of Agar Agar, Carrageenan, Guar Gum and
Xanthan Gum. It can be used as gelling agent, thickening agent, stabilizing agent and
suspending agent. It has advantages of low dosage, high transparency,strong aroma
release, acid resistance, alkali resistance and so on. It can provide good quality and
improve taste. It is a kind of brittle gel,which is sensitive to shear stress. And it also has
good flavor releasing and stability in a wide range of PH value.
It can be used for the improvement of food structure, nutriton, physical stability of liquid
food, cooking and storage in water holding capacity. Gellan gum has good compatibility
with other ingredients, like agar, carrageenan, xanthan gum, CMC,etc. In order to improve
the stability or change the structure of the tissue. In addition, it can also improve modified
starch, to obtain the best texture characteristics and stability.
Gellan gum has been widely used in food and beverage industries, such as pudding, jelly,
ice cream, bakery, fruit juice, jams, bakery, meat, bread stuffing, candy, seasoning, etc. It
can also used in non food industries, such as microbial culture medium, cosmetics, car
freshener, oil drilling, etc.
Low acyl gellan gum: Colloid solubility is more sensitive to the metal ions (K+, Na+,
Ca2+, Mg 2+, etc). In other words, the soluble salt can affect the dissolution of gellan gum,
but the gel and suspension effect need these ions. Therefore, you d better add the soluble
salts after gellan gum dissolved fully. the optimum sol temperature is above 80℃. The
typical application steps are as follows: (1) in the cool deionized water, add gellan gum
and stir fully; (2) Heat temperature to above 85℃; (3) add salt (cation); (4) cool the mixture
to form a gel or a stable suspension system. Low acyl gellan gum is usually used in
transparent suspension drinks, jelly, jams, tissue culture medium plants, air freshener,
cosmetics, etc.
High acyl gellan gum: Colloid solubility is not so sensitive to the metal ions(K+, Na+,
Ca2+, Mg 2+, etc).it can be used with monovalent and divalent soluble salt, which are
necessary for suspension effect and stability. The optimum sol temperature is above 80℃.
pH range is 3.4-7.5. High acyl gellan gum is usually used in non transparent beverage or
food, such as dairy products, grain beverage, plant protein drinks, health drinks, meat
products, etc. It can also used with CMC, guar, microcrystalline cellulose, pectin,
carrageenan to broaden its scope of application. 

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