Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Gellan Gum used in compound gelatin soft sweets

Practical formula:
A, gelatin:8 kg (peptone force more than 180) ; water:16kg
B, gellan gum:120 g; sodium citrate:30 g; sugar:2 kg; water:12kg
C, sugar:48 kg; starch syrup (DE42):50 kg
D, citric acid:1 kg; malic acid:0.4kg; lactic acid:0.6kg; calcium lactate:150 g.
E, essence:300g; pigment:certain.
1 Mix A material, hydrated up run for 30 minutes, then water bath and heating
until all completely dissolved, colloidal solution center temperature is below
62C(when the mass production can be made into peptone gel).
2 Mix B material in the solid , stirring and pouring slowly into the water, then
heating to 95C and keep 5 minutes, in order to ensure the gellan gum
completely hydrated.
3 Add C materials into B materials, then heating and boiling.
4 Metal mould casting process of boiling temperature slightly higher:118-120C,
starch casting process of boiling temperature slightly lower:110-112C.
5 After cooking is finished, then stop heating, pour the syrup into the mixer to
mix, when the temperature dropped to 100 degrees. Add A materials, (using
peptone glue temperature can be slightly higher, but the peptone glue should
be cut into small pieces). And slowly stirring colloid and syrup to make them
mixed well (if too fast, it will bring into a large amount of air and form air
bubbles. It will effect candy appearance, at the same time the candy will looks
white and transparency is not good ).
6 After mixed evenly, adding D materials (in the actual production, you can
directly add dry materials, you don’t need to first make them into solution,
because it can increase moisture).
7 Adding F materials and mixed uniformly, then cast with casting machine,
generally you do not need to preserve heat for a long time in practical
production, in order to avoid the destruction of gelatin gel, if temperature is
about 60C, you should keep standardization of management in the production
process, to avoid the buildup, starch mold should be complete, strong and
keep dry, metal mold process should start the conveyor belt and injection
device, so as to avoid the first casting difficult to mold unloading, cooling tunnel 8-12C.
8. the pouring is finished, shifting into the wet pumping air drying room,
temperature of the metal mold process is 18-21C, moisture below 60%,
temperature of starch mold process is 25-30C. moisture below 50%, keep 6-18h.
9. Finally, the metal mold process product mix oil packaging, starch mold
process products should be sieve powder blowing powder and then mixed oil packaging

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